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Our Story

TINte Cosmetics a brand of cosmetics based on simpler times, sweet memories and flavored lip gloss.

TINte Cosmetics was created from a feeling, a feeling of a simpler time, a time we all cherished, a memory of pure innocence, the essence of youth and freedom.


The Creator of TINte Cosmetics is a modern day woman who remembers her first encounter with a lip gloss, a lip gloss with the color, aroma and flavor that launched her and a generation down the road to femininity.

In the early 1970’s and 1980’s. Flavored Lip Gloss and Flavored Lip Balm came on the scene. This was a tender time during our teenage years. For many of us this was our first experience with a lip gloss. Many of us experienced our very first kiss wearing flavored lip gloss! Many teens including TINte’s Creator Stacy Reid fell in love with the flavor and scents of these delicious glosses. They were and still are a “must have” product and are a favorite for women of any age!


In March 2004 TINte Cosmetics brought back those sweet memories by creating our Flavored Lip Shine and Flavored Lip Colors in vintage slider tins. Flavored lip gloss is so sought after we launched it in 28 different versions!

Every woman should have a nostalgic memory of childhood and with our flavored lip gloss in vintage slider tins along with the fun flavors we offer it has become a reality.


We love creating products that are nostalgic, multi functional and easy to apply.


Our products encourage you to feel beautiful, confident and be the best version of yourself.


This is the feeling that inspired the idea behind TINte Cosmetics. What will TINte Cosmetics mean to you?


TINte’s Creator Stacy Reid


Stacy Reid

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